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The History of Women’s Arena Football

The original lingerie football league began as a promotional league that was highlighted at halftime of the NFL super bowl. The excitement and action was so entertaining and intense that we have decided to launch a full season of this action packed entertainment that commands crowds and sold out arenas. While it is very similar to the game that most of us have come to know as American Football it is different. Indoor football is played in an arena that’s usually designed for Hockey or basketball. The field is smaller than a normal football field and the games are played faster. The result is usually higher scoring games. The rules are not the same as a traditional NFL game and offer a wealth of excitement. Each team will feature up to 30 players with 23 active per game. 8 on 8 playing on the field and real live football by some of the most beautiful, athletic women in professional sports.

About The WAFL

The Women’s Arena Football League (WAFL) organization is a full entertainment package that provides opportunities for growth. We believe innovation is the driving force, taking something that has been around and expanding its worth. Our corporate values stress respect for the individual, integrity is our foundation, and we take our time to choose our partners and employees because we believe in unquestionable trust.

The American league includes the New Orleans Bayou Queens, Houston Lady Oilers, Dallas Darlings, and the San Antonio Estrellas. The National league includes the Atlanta Archers, Orlando Eclipse, Tampa Bay Duchess, and Jacksonville Cougars.

Meet the Teams

American League


Houston Lady Oilers

Dallas Darlings

San Antonio Estrellas

National League

Atlanta Archers

Orlando Eclipse

Tampa Bay Duchess

Jacksonville Cougars